A World of Difference

by Yuichi Handa In the post to follow, Yuichi Handa, a long-time meditation practitioner, teacher, and author shares two related and parallel stories: the first, of his relationship to meditation practice and the Dharma, and the second, of his relationship to writing and Shambhala Art.  Yuichi will be leading a Contemplative Creativity Lab on “Journaling … Continue 

Seattle Shambhala Implements New Code of Conduct

by Janine Bloomfield Stay tuned for details on Code of Conduct orientation sessions to be held on May 16th and May 27th; we will update the Seattle Shambhala Center calendar as we finalize times and Zoom information. A Sunday Open House discussion about resiliency in the face of the pandemic.  An online class exploring Basic … Continue 

At Home: Children’s Day & Winter Solstice Celebration

by Larry Steele and Robin Willett Celebration marks every season and it’s Children’s Day & Winter Solstice that blaze in December. “Precisely because this year is different, we felt a deep call to loft the light of Children’s Day” said Robin Willett. “The seasonal rituals we share in Shambhala are such an important part of … Continue 

A Harvest Of Peace Celebration!

by Sala Sweet On Sunday, September 20, thirty members of the Seattle Shambhala sangha came together to celebrate the harvest of the efforts and caring of our members during the last cycle of seasons.  Ladan Yalzadeh opened our celebration, guiding us through our gathering with grace and Shelley Pierce closed our day with an offering … Continue 

New Board Members Share Expansive Views

By Larry Steele An expansive vision of benefit beyond self shines through each member of Seattle Shambhala’s Board of Directors, like light reflecting from the facets of a wish-fulfilling jewel. Each officer of the seven-member Board, which was first seated on Shambhala Day 2020, brings unique strengths, life experiences, and a deep commitment to the … Continue 

Practices for Difficult Times: Caring for Ourselves and Others

by Andrea D’Asaro Exchanging self for others in tonglen practice, bringing attention to small moments, creating a home retreat, and focusing our minds on feeling what we are feeling, are among the ways senior Shambhala teachers are suggesting we keep our practices going while the Seattle Shambhala Center is closed as part of the social … Continue 


By Matthew Lyon Recently I have been listening to the music of Joseph Haydn, who is the most prolific major composer of all time, having written over 340 hours of music. He composed 104 symphonies, numerous choral works and hundreds of instrumental pieces in many combinations. He is regarded as the father of the symphony … Continue 

Seattle Shambhala Garden Magic

By Andrea D’Asaro “The Shambhala garden has a magic about it, as if it has its very own intention to bring you closer to it, to bring the community closer to nature and each other,” says Claire Oravec, who has nurtured the Shambhala garden for the past year. About a year ago, some Shambhala members … Continue 

Garden and Outdoor Clean-up Day Gratitude

Many thanks to those who have stepped up to volunteer for the countless tasks necessary to maintain our Center and our community.  In particular, our thanks go out to those who showed up for the Garden and Outdoor Clean-up Day on August 11th. The tender loving care our volunteers provided included cutting back perennials; composting … Continue 

Retirements and Farewells

As we enter the Year of the Earth Boar, we will celebrate the journeys of three wonderful members of our community who have offered their time, energy, and compassion to all of us at the Seattle Shambhala Center. At our Shambhala Day celebration, we will be present for Shastri Matthew Lyon and Director Michael Busby … Continue