Contact Us

Have you ever had a problem or question and don’t know who to turn to?  We, at Seattle Shambhala Center are here to help.

General questions should be sent to [email protected].

However, if you have questions for a specific part of Seattle Shambhala, you can send email to the following:

  • Culture and Decorum:  [email protected]. For questions about protocol, decorum and cultural forms.
  • Desung: [email protected].  Contact the desung if you notice that a community member might need attention or assistance, or if there are differences in the community that might benefit from being explored. The “de” in desung translates as bliss, and the “sung” as protect.
  • Development: [email protected].  For questions about gifts  and donations.
  • Director of the center:  [email protected].  For questions about dues, generosity policy, and other questions that would be best addressed by the director of the center.
  • Membership[email protected].  For questions about becoming a member or renewing your membership.
  • Practice and Education:  [email protected].  For questions about the programs being offered.
  • Registrar: [email protected].  For questions about registering for a class.
  • Technology[email protected].  For questions about the use of computers or technology at the center.
  • Way of Shambhala: [email protected].  For questions about the Way of Shambhala Classes.
  • Web Master: [email protected].  For questions about our website,