Retirements and Farewells

As we enter the Year of the Earth Boar, we will celebrate the journeys of three wonderful members of our community who have offered their time, energy, and compassion to all of us at the Seattle Shambhala Center. At our Shambhala Day celebration, we will be present for Shastri Matthew Lyon and Director Michael Busby as they step down from their official roles. We also say goodbye to Michael and Trinley Busby as they start a new journey in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where they will soon move.

Shastri Matthew Lyon steps down from his role as Shastri after 8.5 years of service. Part of the first group of Shastris appointed in 2010, he has been continuously committed as a teacher and leader since he was a Center Director for the Burlington Shambhala Center in the late 70’s/early 80’s. He was one of the three person team that arranged the purchase of our current Center in 2003. Matthew is a much beloved teacher of the Dharma.  His ability to articulate the meaning behind fundamental teachings such as Basic Goodness, generosity, compassion and emptiness has helped many of us deepen our connection to the Shambhala Dharma. We are grateful that he will continue to teach at the Shambhala Center.

Michael Busby ends his term as Center Director after three years of dedication to our community. During his tenure, we enjoyed an expansion of membership and a notable increase in the involvement of young people in the Shambhala Center. His deep devotion to the lineage and the Shambhala vision of Enlightened Society infused his time with us.

Shastri Trinley Busby departs our center after three years of service in the Shastri role. During this time, she helped develop our Practice and Education branch, supporting the development of aspiring teachers-in-training. She will continue to teach programs across the mandala.

For the past three years, both Michael and Trinley have honored us with their leadership, their teachings, and their devotion. Our Center is a richer place due to their time with us. We are grateful for their expertise, open hearts, and tireless commitment to making our Center a better and more welcoming place.


Please join us on February 9th at Shambhala Day to express our gratitude to these three generous Shambhala Warriors.

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