Joy in Everyday Life

with Sarah Addison & Keith Hitchcock

May 13th—June 17th

The third class of the In Everyday Life Series. As meditation practice expands and we develop trust in basic goodness, we can begin to discover the confidence and personal energy to go forward on the journey. Continue »

Midsummer Day Celebration

June 23rd

Please join us at the Seattle Shambhala Center for the Midsummer Day celebrations with friends and family. On this occasion, we will delight in being together at our beautiful center that is teaming with flowers, where all our senses come alive as we obse Continue »

Be, Awake, Create: Creating as a Life Practice

with Rebekah Younger

June 30th

You're invited to examine your personal creative process through the felt experience of now/heaven, here/earth and the energy generated when you join the two together through your active attention. The workshop will include contemplations, awareness exerc Continue »

Taste of Buddhist Basics: A Three Part Summer Series

with Thomas Gaylord, Janet Bass, Ben Hines

July 8th—July 22nd

Please join us for one, two, or three Monday nights in July to study and explore foundational Buddhist teachings. Each night will focus on a different topic with a different teacher. Continue »

Shambhala Sun Camp - Colorado (External Program)

July 18th—July 30th

Shambhala Sun Camp is an outdoor, sleep-away summer camp for children ages 10-16. Since 1984, campers have been returning time and again to experience nature, themselves, and a community where people take care of one another. Continue »

Kyudo: The Way of the Bow, A Public Talk & Demonstration (Friday night only)

with Toby Bernal & Dr. Claudelle Glasgow

July 19th

Join Toby Bernal for a Friday night talk and demonstration of Kyudo, "the Way of the Bow". Kyudo is the ancient discipline of Zen archery. "The main point of kyudo practice is to polish your heart, deeply." Continue »

Kyudo: The Way of the Bow

with Toby Bernal

July 20th—July 21st

Learn the art of Kyudo in this weekend program. Kyudo, The Way of the Bow, is the ancient discipline of Zen archery. A standing form of meditation, Kyudo is unlike sport archery in that hitting the target counts for little. In Kyudo, the target serves onl Continue »

Lojong: Buddhist Teachings on Compassion and Mind Training

with Walter Parker

July 29th—August 26th

. Called "lojong" (Tibetan) or “mind training,” the method is a combination of three basic practices—meditation, a compassion practice called “tonglen,” and contemplation of 59 slogans, grouped into “7 points of mind training.” Continue »

Family Camp!

August 24th—August 27th

Family Camp! Soar like an eagle, step like a deer, and rest in dappled shade like a human. Families & friends of all ages register soon. State Park campsite reserved. Logistics to come. Continue »