A Harvest Of Peace Celebration!

by Sala Sweet

On Sunday, September 20, thirty members of the Seattle Shambhala sangha came together to celebrate the harvest of the efforts and caring of our members during the last cycle of seasons.  Ladan Yalzadeh opened our celebration, guiding us through our gathering with grace and Shelley Pierce closed our day with an offering to the Nagas – earth spirits. 

During this gathering, we shared our appreciation and gratitude for Sydney Munger as she retired as Director of Practice and Education, a role she held for the past five years. We welcomed Meli-Tashi Happy who stepped into this role and took her oath of loyalty and service.  Janet Bass retired from her Lead Teacher role in Practice and Education that she held for 2 years. Many expressed their gratitude for these three brave warriors and told of how their teaching and service had touched them personally.

Co-Director JoAnn Schindler gave an update of the broad range of programs that our center currently hosts, with the assistance of many volunteers. Even though we have been operating solely online since March of this year, we are pleased to be thriving and seeing so many at our programs and practices. She also announced that as of August 31st, 2020, we currently have a net positive income of $2,200 in our operations account. 

Co-Director Annica Holder spoke about the ongoing initiatives to make our community inclusive.  As she stated, we stand in solidarity with the Black community and those fighting for an end to racism, injustice and senseless violence.  On Sunday, September 27, we dedicated our Sunday Morning Open House to sit in solidarity with those who stand against racism. We will continue to offer space the last Sunday of the month for a Solidary Sit, with the next offering on Sunday, October 25th

Annica also announced that we will be hiring a Communication and Marketing Coordinator and have received 57 applications for that position!

Each current Board member spoke of their personal experience in the first months of their service.  The Board is diverse and so were their experiences.  But without exception each of them expressed gratitude for their fellow Board members and the joy they find in meeting with each other. Many noted that despite the challenges within our international community, within our sangha and within the world at large, the Seattle sangha is thriving.  New people are joining us in our online offerings and we are financially stable. 

On that note, Board Member and Treasurer Alan Ness stated that much of our current financial stability rests on our monthly contributing members. He noted that Harvest of Peace is the traditional time to ask our community for one-time donations or to increase their monthly giving. JoAnn noted that a few larger one-time donations have helped keep our Center revenue positive this year. All donations received in the month of September go directly to supporting Seattle Shambhala. Alan suggested a $50 donation and invited people to give what they can, according to their inspiration and abilities.


You can make a donation at any time on the Seattle Shambhala website


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