The Generous Earth

by Matthew Lyon

As the warmth of spring begins to dawn, this is a perfect time to pause and contemplate the abundance of the world around us.

In our busy, often stressful daily lives, we are sometimes focused on abundance in terms of the tasks we have to accomplish and the number of responsibilities we have – in other words, abundance as a burden.

When we pause to experience this very moment of our lives fully, with presence and openness, we can shift into a state of gratitude for the gifts we receive simply from the good fortune of living on this Earth.
Though we may take it for granted much of the time, it is helpful to remind ourselves that our planet is an auspicious treasury of all of the elements required to support our lives. Beyond our basic needs, such as food, water, and all of the materials we need for shelter, transportation, and communication – the Earth offers us inspirational beauty. Oceans, mountains, forests and fields, flowers and wildlife fill the visions of countless works of art.

The elements of the world refresh our minds when we connect with them, as they can rescue us from self-obsessive states of mind. Letting go of the fixation on our problems, we can see the sky, the sun and the stars with fresh eyes. We tune into the vastness of the environment we share. Meditation helps us to cultivate this state of interconnectedness with all things.

This all may seem elementary, yet it is profound to invoke this simple, childlike appreciation for the magic of this world.

From this perspective of gratitude, we align ourselves with the greater, universal forces of generosity, of which the Earth is a manifestation.

This alignment awakens our natural ability to perceive the world as a sacred place. In seeing the world this way, we can begin to express within our own lives the generosity that we experience all around us. In this way, we can know the peace of inner abundance.

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