Magnetizing Enlightened Society

by Michael Busby

This month at our center, we welcome Deputy Minister Cynthia MacKay to give teachings on leadership from the Shambhala Pillar of Government. Deputy Minister MacKay is a true delight to learn from and I’m excited that she will be offering a program that is open to everyone: Magnetizing Enlightened Society.

As human beings we are inherently social. Recognizing this, Shambhala is asking us to raise our gaze and contemplate community: How do we relate to one another? Culture: how do we relate to the sacredness of the world through food, art, celebrating the seasons and important life markers? Society: how do we manifest Shambhala at home and in our livelihood, government, economy, protection and education?

To bring forth this community, culture and society, we are all encouraged to use our gifts. In Shambhala, we have what are called the four pillars of our society, and they are places where our gifts can be offered. They are also paths where our inherent propensities for virtue can be strengthened, and our understanding and skillfulness can be cultivated. I’ll speak here to the Government Pillar, which I am the representative of in the Seattle Shambhala Center.

In terms of the four karmas, the government pillar of Shambhala is related to magnetizing. For those of us delighted to work with people, to bring out the strengths of others and to use gentleness and patience as the basic mode of accomplishment, this is a path that can help us be of benefit. It is a path of being visionary, which in many cases means connecting more and more to the vision of Shambhala.

The government pillar indicates in its name that we are being asked to care for each other, our communities and our environment in all aspects of our lives. To develop into a community, culture and society, this element of government simultaneously seems natural and perhaps feels like a big leap in how we think of ourselves. Are we a society? a culture? a community?

Deputy Minister MacKay’s teachings on January 20 will guide us much further into these topics. The program is open to all, regardless of meditation experience, and will be of great benefit to those currently in leadership positions at our Center.

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