Parenting as Path: Balancing & Being Brave

Parenting as Path: Balancing & Being Brave, with Acharya Jenny Warwick, recording, April 2014, Seattle Shambhala Center. By Robin Willett Sending gratitude and greetings from the Families and Children program at the Seattle Shambhala Center. As the days grow shorter, we offer you three uplifting videos of the Parenting as Path: Balancing and Being Brave … Continue 

Children’s Blessing with Acharya John

We gathered on October 6 for the Children’s Blessing with Acharya Richard John. The atmosphere was warm and playfully alive. One parent said:  I felt as “blessed” as the children. My grandson was thrilled. Before we started over, he was a “grumpy bear”. On the way home, he was the sweetest little cub you can … Continue