New Space Aspirations


With The Letter of the Morning Sun, the 2020 vision, and other initiatives, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is encouraging all Shambhala Centers to expand and grow. Given the critical situation in our world and with the burgeoning interest in Shambhala programs and in meditation practice in general, it is once again time to commit to expanding into a new space.


Phase 1

That the Seattle Shambhala Center restart the building search with the following clarified vision. The new, Phase 1 space:

  • Will be in addition to our present building
  • Will be a rental, not a purchase
  • Will be 2500 to 3500 square feet
  • Will have a room that can hold 100 to 150 people
  • Will be in a desirable location
  • Will have compromises

The new Phase 1 space will not:

  • Will not replace our present building
  • Will not be the flagship Seattle Shambhala Center
  • Will not be a fully functioning Shambhala Center
  • Will not be perfect

Steps for Phase 1:

  • Create a real estate search team
    • Re-engage the real estate agent with the new vision
  • Clarify the needs and costs of a new space
    • Create a fund-raising strategy with a team leader
  • Engage the community in the process.
    • Invite participation on all levels

Phase 2

Begin Phase 2 immediately. Work to complete Phase 2 in 3 to 5 years.

  • Create a vision of a flagship Seattle Shambhala Center, possibly Shambhala House.
  • Purchase rather than rent.
  • Create an investor group.
  • Create a fundraising strategy.
  • Consider a balloon payment equal to the equity in our present building to make the investment workable.

While working to manifest Phase 2, continue strengthening the organization.

  • Practice and Education
    • Curriculum
    • Non-curriculum
      • Teachers, ADs
    • Community Practice
      • Umdzes, hosts, Guides, MIs
  • Membership
    • Better systems
    • Better outreach
  • Finances
    • Better controls
    • Better reporting
  • Fundraising/Development
    • Marketing


The Seattle Shambhala community will succeed, in a fairly smooth and reasoned way, to purchase a new flagship Seattle Shambhala Center in 5 years.