Seth_pYour Vocation and/or Hobbies:


– Shrinemaker

– Photographer

– Dancer

Years Meditation: 27

How has meditation been of benefit to you? It has allowed me to get used to being.

How has Seattle Shambhala been of benefit to you? It has supported my practice as a citizen engaging enlightened society, trained me in arts, meditation, and provided a community of people I can relate to around the principles of warriorship in Seattle.

What’s your favorite activity, open house night, holiday or other center program? and why? Sound & Meditation. It was deep in learning more about meditation (turning sounds into allies of wakefulness) and in terms of growing as an artist.

What was your first experience at Shambhala like? The first one I recall was Children’s Day at Marpa House when I was five. It was magical, with an uplifted richness. Thought, design, and artistry had been put into making it a fantastic experience that was both enjoyable as a child and full of the qualities of Shambhala.