Seattle Members’ Educational Scholarship Fund

In addition to the programs offered in Seattle, Shambhala  International offers  a variety of programs at Shambhala land centers around the world.  These programs are considered an important part of the Shambhala path of practice and study.  In order to help make these programs more accessible financially, the Seattle Center has established the members’ scholarship fund.  The scholarship fund supports programs at Shambhala land-centers that are prerequisites for following the core spiritual path and that are major components of the Shambhala path of practice and study (for example, Dathun, Enlightened Society Assembly, Warrior Assembly, etc.).  This scholarship fund may also be used to support those in leadership positions to attend programs for the benefit of our center. Other programs may be considered if it can be demonstrated to support the member’s path of Shambhala practice and study. The intent of the fund is to enable active, committed community members to overcome financial constraints through partial payment of program fees and transportation costs.

Members can apply for assistance to pay up to 1/3 of program costs, with a maximum award of $500 per application. How much is awarded will depend on many factors including the balance in the scholarship account and anticipated volume of near-term requests.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS – All applications should have:

  1. Membership in the Seattle Shambhala community for at least six months prior to applying for the scholarship.
  2. A specific voluntary dues pledge which has been honored through regular dues or donation payments.
  3. A history of active participation in some form of ongoing volunteer commitment to the Seattle Center.
  4. An active relationship with a meditation instructor.
  5. Persuasive financial constraints.


OTHER RESOURCES – Members should also consider the following sources of funding:

  • Creating an Offering Bowl petition
  • Working at the program
  • Scholarship from Center hosting program


APPLICATION PROCESS – Interested individuals should provide the scholarship committee with:

1.   A completed application form.  Including:

  • A brief written statement discussing your reasons for attending the program.
  • Information supporting the need for financial support.
  • A plan for paying fees not covered by the scholarship.

2.   Recommendation e-mails (or letters) from two center members who support your application, one of whom should be the individual’s MI.


REVIEW PROCESS – The Scholarship Review Committee will:

  • Consist of three members (The Director of Practice and Education or their designated representative, the Center Director or his/her designated representative, and a member of the community designated by the Center Director)
  • The committee will be called to meet either physically, via phone, or via email whenever an application is received.
  • The Committee may consult with other community members (particularly those providing a reference) in making a decision about a specific application.

If you have any questions or need help with the application please email [email protected]

Please click here for the online application form.