Children's Day Winter Celebration

December 21st

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    The Winter Solstice is one of four high seasonal community celebration days, or Nyida Days in the Shambhala tradition, with a special joyful focus on children and the nourishing light and warmth of community in the midst of the cold and wet abundance of our Northwest winter season. It's a time too, for slowing down and reflecting.

    It is a winter community celebration. A feeling of family, village mentality, a tribe coming together across the generations. This day is a chance to strengthen our community so that it can arise strong for the new year and spring. This sort of winter solstice used to happen in all cultures, but at some point it got mixed with various religious themes. We can return to its pure and simple roots.

    The Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


    4:00  Children's Ikebana with Shelley Pierce and Friends
    5:00  Procession, the Iliana Play, King & Queen
    6:00  Potluck Dinner & Music ~Please bring a main dish, dessert and drinks provided.

    Music by The Shambhala Players

    Playful Volunteers!  Help us bring Children's Day magic alive!  It's fun, it's easy, and there're many ways to help from painting backdrops, playing music, creating props, play directing, helping with the ikebana and crafts, hosting our guests, to offering general support, and etc. 

    Contact SnowLion Team at [email protected] to volunteer and to learn more about Children's Day. Thank you!

    Continue on your quest young girl
    Though your challenges are great
    But don’t forget this jungle path
    Or the tiger’s gentle gait

    Iliana: A Winter Solstice Tale by Walter Fordham