Illuminating Whiteness

with Ben Hines & Kaitlyn Hatch

January 31st—February 7th

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    Join Ben Hines with Kaitlyn Hatch for two conversations on “Illuminating Whiteness.” We will explore Whiteness as a racial identity that gives rise to unearned privilege for those with white skin in America.  

    Meditation makes brave hearts. The strength and clarity gained in meditation can help us to see how cultural messages related to race and skin color are internalized and shape the qualities of life experienced by everyone. Meditation is encouraged before each discussion.

    In the first session  we will discuss White Privilege,what it is, and how to recognize it. The next week’s discussion will consider what we as individuals might do to be of benefit as anti-racists, while seeing through the unearned privileges and powers of Whiteness that systemic racism confers on anyone who is not a person of color.       

    With the meditator’s strength, honesty and curiosity, these conversations can be searching and brave, enlivening, and empowering for anyone who wishes to begin the work of dismantling internalized messages of white privilege. In the vision of Shambhala, a better society–an Enlightened Society–is not possible without understanding the role each of us can play in dismantling systemic racism through working with our own mind.

    Meditation instruction will be offered at 6:15. Meditation will follow. Discussion at 7 pm.

    Important Notes:   

    • Please RSVP when registering for the first class. You will receive either a reading or an audio or video link, or all three to view, hear or read in preparation for our first discussion. This will be essential to your participation in the first class.
    • Please regard the two discussions as a package rather than drop in. We are committing to the topic and one another in our conversations.

    Questions? Contact [email protected]
    Location: Seattle Shambhala Center, 3107 E Harrison Street, Seattle.