Seventh Annual Bicycles & Smiles Ride

August 13th (2017)

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    Program Registration is Closed.

    It's the 7th Annual "Bicycles and Smiles" ride for the all-ages Seattle Shambhala Center Lungta Bicycle Club. We meet at the Genesee Park parking lot Sunday 1:30 p.m. August 13th. Here is the map link.

    This ride is safe for children! It is "Bicycle Sunday" (no cars) on this portion of Lake Washington Blvd.

    We'll start our ride by bicycling along Lake Washington to Seward Park, take an admiring look at Mt. Rainier, learn some local history (Was Seward Park once an island? Who was Seward Park named after? Are those old-growth trees in the park?) Then we get our legs and wheels under us, ride north to Mt. Baker Park and back finishing the ride at the Boulevard Expresso, great pastries and coffee at the picnic tables under the trees outside. Genesee Park is a few blocks away.

    Free latte and pastry to those who can define the term "Colnago" and why it became famous, or answer the Seward Park questions above!

    Bring friends. Helmets required.

    RSVP and questions, please contact Ben Hines, [email protected].