Shambhala Ritual and Forms

February 28th

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    “The power of ceremony is that through the rituals of our day, we understand who we are… I know through my training that individuals can arrange their lives as ceremonies of goodness.  Through the power of the intention within the ceremony, enlightenment can occur.”

    -Sakyong Mipham

    The Sakyong has expressed a long-time interest in creating consistency of view and practice of ritual form in Shambhala. One way this is being implemented in Shambhala centers is in the ways we lead meditation sessions, ring the gong, chant, and relate to the shrine.

    All those interested in learning the new forms for leading meditation and relating with shrines are encouraged to participate in this initial introductory evening.  This is the beginning of a community wide clarification of the role of ritual and forms in creating enlightened society.

    Formerly trained umdzes and choppons as well as new Shambhala center members are encouraged to join in this introductory evening.

    The evening will be facilitated by Marcia Oberg, Terry Jaworski, Cynthia Bradshaw, and Bret Ellerton.

    We will view videos by the Rupa Acharya Suzanne Duquette, engage in discussion, and practice some of these forms together.

    Please register online, below, if you wish to attend or, if that is not possible, please contact Bret Ellerton ([email protected]) to RSVP.

    Prerequisites: Open to Shambhala members who have an interest in learning about the various forms. Those who wish to can begin volunteering as Umdze if they choose.

    Location: Seattle Shambhala Center, 3107 E Harrison St, Seattle.