Volunteer Service

Volunteer service by our members keeps our Center and satellites going. Offering our time and talents to our community is vital to our community’s health. This is, in part, how we “create enlightened society.”

There are many opportunities available, please consider the following:

  • Public sitting greeters
  • Meditation time-keepers
  • Shrine-keepers
  • Grounds and maintenance helpers
  • Staffing programs
  • Staffing/assisting with child/family programs
  • Development assistant
  • Membership team-member
  • Finance assistant

Additionally, please consider offering your unique skills to the Center.

Please contact membership@seattleshambhala.org to discuss volunteer opportunities.

If you want to  volunteer to help with Sunday Morning Open House and you have discussed this with Mary Bolton (mgbolton500 at gmail.com), please signup here.