Uplifting Harrison House – Spring Fundraising 2019

Our Sangha. Our Community. Our Center.

Our Spring Campaign goal is $23,000 to fully fund the below listed maintenance projects to Harrison House.

To date, we have raised $23,477! We did it!! (Last updated 6/30/19)

Campaign end date:     June 30, 2019


Instructions: Scroll to the bottom of the one-time donation page and enter your donation in the “Harrison House Projects” field

Our Sangha in the Seattle area is very fortunate to have a home we can call our own. In the house on Harrison Street we have created a beautiful physical container that inspires serenity and openness for all who come. It is a space where learning, compassionate discussion and meditation practice can occur. We are indebted to the those leaders who bravely chose to purchase the Harrison House over 15 years ago. Because of that wise decision, the Seattle Center has the stability of place even though groundlessness exists in many other areas of Shambhala.

In full appreciation of the benefits of our stable foundation, we are initiating our Spring Fundraising Campaign to support our beautiful center. We have identified several much-needed projects to keep “Harrison House” (our building, contents and gardens) uplifted, maintained, safe, and efficient. There have been similar fundraising endeavors for projects in past years as major upgrades were done to the upper and lower shrine rooms and the community room. You might wonder about the wisdom of a campaign such as this given the ongoing attention we are giving our financial situation at the Seattle Center.

We offer three reasons:

  • First, based on major expense reductions in salary, reduced donations to Shambhala Central Services via the Unified Giving Model (UGM), and reduced mortgage payments because of the refinance, our income and expenses are currently more in alignment. Therefore we have some freedom to look at things besides basic operations costs.
  • Second, during the refinance process Harrison House appraised at $1.3 million dollars! On a very practical level, we have a valuable investment that requires our regular attention and care.
  • Third, and perhaps most important, is that Harrison House is a physical and energetic container for awakement. Caring for and uplifting Harrison House raises the natural energy of the container and the space. We feel something palpable when we walk through the gate, through the garden, and into our center. It’s the energy of Basic Goodness. Creating and maintaining the conditions for that energy to flourish is essential for protecting the precious dharma and offering a place where all to practice, study, and experience healthy community.

To this end we have identified several Harrison House projects that need our attention. Reasons for these projects include proper decorum, safety, energy efficiency, overdue upgrades, and ongoing maintenance needs to care for the building and grounds.


Our Goal. 

Our goal is to raise $23,000 for this campaign. Thanks to a generous donor and contributions from the Governing Council, we’re starting off our campaign with $5,450 towards our goal! This leaves our community with $17,550 to raise in order to complete the following projects:

  • $10,000 – Replace broken windows
    • We have broken, and in some cases inoperable, windows in three rooms of the center. This includes both windows in the Vajrayana shrine room, the window in the smaller downstairs shrine room (often used for open house meditation instruction) and the office. In consulting with architectural experts in our sangha, it is recommended that we include an egress feature when we replace the windows in the shrine rooms. This means the window would be large enough that a person could get out of the room in case of fire. In addition, we want to pay attention to the aesthetics of the replacements so there is a harmonious look to the interior and exterior of the building.
  • $5,000 – Install bamboo flooring in the upstairs hallway and Vajrayana shrine room
    • This project involves pulling up the old and stained carpet and installing bamboo flooring consistent with the flooring in the upper and lower shrine rooms, uplifting the space. The hallway is a high traffic area and needs a flooring better suited for its use. The Vajrayana shrine room deserves a more respectful approach to decorum than we currently offer.
  • $700 – Purchase uplifted frames for ‘Ki’ and ‘So’
    • KI and SO are significant symbols in the Shambhala tradition that represent the nature of all phenomena, and are meant to magnetize and attract the eye and attention. In the union of KI and SO are represented the ultimate and relative, masculine and feminine. From KI and SO, all things manifest. With KI and SO, one may experience “awakened heart,” which shines out to all like the sun. Our shrine embodies the sacredness of our teachings and the lineage, holds a central position of honor, and is our focus when we enter the room. To pay respect to our shrine and these powerful symbols, we are raising funds to purchase larger, more magnetizing frames for the ‘Ki’ and ‘So’.
  • $3,000 – Repair electrical outlets and install new lighting in the downstairs kitchen
    • For many years we have navigated a limitation of using only one appliance at a time plugged into the kitchen outlet. This project would add two additional outlets—allowing for both coffeemakers to be used simultaneously. It also includes updating the lighting to LED flat panel fixtures to create a well-illuminated work space.
  • $1,500 – Garden irrigation and arborvitae hedge maintenance
    • As we look forward to this summer and future summers, we want to purchase soaker hoses for use in all of the beds so that our plants can live through the dry summers. In addition, our gardener has recommended potting a few rhododendron and planting new arborvitae to fill the current gaps in our hedge that was damaged this past winter. Our neighborhood zoning variance requires we maintain a visual screen around the perimeter of our grounds, so hegde maintenance and supplementation is important for a variety of reasons. Finally, the purchase of an arborist ladder will help us maintain the tall trees, shrubs and bushes on our grounds.
  • $1,000 – Purchase a new desktop computer for the office
    • Purchasing a new computer to replace the older machine in the office would allow for a more efficient work space for the many volunteers sharing the space. A new computer would also mean updating software we use on a regular basis.
  • $1,800 – Maintenance Fund
    • Extra padding in the Harrison House fund is needed to deal with the many small maintenance issues that come up over the course of a year, including purchasing paint, wood stain, and cleaning supplies, pressure washing the concrete, fixing broken closet doors, re-caulking the bathtub in the tenant apartment, and more.

How to Donate.

Please consider generously donating to support our space. When you click on the button below, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your donation in the “Harrison House Projects” field. If you feel strongly about your donation going towards one of the listed projects, please note it in the comments section.


You may also make an in-kind donation to a specific project if you prefer. To be involved in this way, please contact Meli-Tashi Happy at [email protected] Please note that offering your own skilled labor does not qualify for receiving and in-kind donation letter for tax purposes. You can, however, pay for the labor of a contractor, purchase an item (e.g., frames for the “Ki” and “So”) or donate a used item in good condition that’s needed by the center. In this instance, the IRS values the item equivalent to what you could get at a yard sale. A receipt is necessary for purchased new items or labor.

This campaign will run through Sunday, June 30th. Please give generously to enable us to keep Harrison House a brilliant container for the teachings and our community.