Seattle Shambhala Sustainability Initiative

“ The planet is the container for our lives as sentient beings, the centre acts as a container for our practice, and our practice acts as a container for sustainability within each of us.”

From the “Sustainability Procedural Document for Shambhala Centres”


Sustainability is essential to ensure the health and continued prosperity of our planet’s human, animal and natural resources in the realization of enlightened society, the aspiration of the Shambhala Buddhist path.

The Seattle Shambhala Sustainability Initiative has committed to:

  • Developing and implementing a sustainability action plan.
  • Incorporating sustainability into the culture of the Seattle Shambhala Center
  • Achieving successes that will inspire further sustainability within Shambhala Centers worldwide.
  • Contributing to the development of the Pacific Northwest as an exemplary sustainability region.


Following is a list of goals that have been set by the Seattle Shambhala Sustainability Initiative which are positive steps forward in realizing our sustainability vision. This list will be updated as we progress through our Action List.

Sustainability Salons

Salons will be regularly offered to identify and communicate Seattle Shambhala’s sustainability vision.

Community Sustainability Gatherings

A series of Shambhala community gatherings will be used to bring forth the Seattle Shambhala Center Sustainability principles and objectives as well as an action plan that will guide sustainability for the Seattle Shambhala community.

Green Purchasing Guidelines

Guidelines will be developed on how to “go green” when shopping and ordering for the center, creating momentum towards systemic changes.


We will maintain a sustainability page on the Seattle Center web site in the area relating to Community.  Workshops, salons and other gatherings will be posted on the “programs” page of the Seattle Shambhala web site.


The Seattle Shambhala Sustainability Initiative welcomes the participation of all community members. This initiative is co-facilitated by Susan Moore and Scotia MacKay  The working group includes some of those who attended the Touching the Earth program that was offered at the Seattle Shambhala Center in May 2012. We are looking forward to other people joining in. If you are interested, please contact Susan Moore at [email protected].

We welcome your comments and suggestions for this web page:

  • Have you found a useful resource that may be of interest?
  • Have you made a personal lifestyle change toward sustainability that you would like to share?
  • Do you have a quotation or photograph that captures the essence of sustainability?
  • Please direct your questions and suggestions for the Sustainability web page to Scotia MacKay at [email protected].


“ Fruition is closer to the delight and stability experienced in good ridership. As we become more experienced in the saddle, we find we are riding with increasing skill, including practicality and discrimination, neither deterred by confusion nor swayed by excitement or depression. Our two stirrups are basic goodness and ordinary experience.”

from “A Shambhala Approach to Sustainability and Environmental Awareness”