Shambhala Day Local Celebration [In-Person]

February 11th

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    Cheerful Shambhala Day!

    Shambhala Day marks the beginning of the New Year, which is one of the most important days of the Shambhala tradition. Based on the traditional Tibetan New Year's celebration of Losar, the day is calculated astrologically according to the Tibetan lunar calendar, and changes every year to coincide with the annual lunar cycles. This year, Shambhala Day falls on February 10th, as we begin the year of the Wood Dragon.

    We will celebrate as a local community on Sunday, February 11th following the Jinpa Solidarity Sit, from 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM. The celebration will include a lhasang, potluck lunch, two Retirement Oaths, two Oaths of Office, and recognition of new members. Children welcome! Please bring a dish to share.

    Manifest Meditation in Action Through:
    Your volunteerism is welcomed to:
     • Organize a children’s space
     • Be the photographer
     • Organize table/chair set-up
     • Share your generosity through song, poem, talent, etc.
     • Set-up the sound system
     • Help with food/drinks

    Contact Sam Taylor with your volunteer interest at 928-600-8949 or [email protected]

    Location: Seattle Shambhala Center, 3107 E Harrison St, Seattle



    Shambhala Day is traditionally the one day of the year that we make a fundraising request for Shambhala Global Services (SGS), which supports so much of what we do locally and for centers accross Europe and North America. You can learn more about what SGS supports here