Jinpa Solidarity Sit: Cultivating Mindfulness and Compassion for Engaged Action [In-Person]

February 11th

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    Today's Jinpa Sit will be a shortened program with meditation from 10 - 11:30 am. At 11:30 am, all are welcome to join for our local Shambhala Day Celebration!

    The Seattle Shambhala Center invites you to participate in the Jinpa Solidarity Sit, a monthly meditation practice for cultivating mindfulness and compassionate action. In Tibetan, Jinpa (འཇིགས་པ་) means generosity or giving, which is also known as Dana in Hindi and Sanskrit. It is the first of the ten paramitas, one of the seven treasures, and the first of the three grounds for meritorious action. Through the Jinpa Solidarity Sit, we acknowledge the deep roots of racialized oppression and strive to engage in compassionate action for solidarity without being overwhelmed. We believe that cultivating Jinpa means embracing generosity in action.

    By meditating together, our collective aim is to connect our practice of mindfulness and compassion with broader social change. Our practice moves beyond awareness and insight, integrating sacred wisdom to co-create an enlightened society that recognizes the value of all beings and their fundamental basic goodness. Join us each month in the Jinpa Solidarity Sit to connect mindfulness with awakened action, responding with compassion to addressing racism, ecological harm, economic hardship, health inequity, and other areas of separation in our society. We welcome everyone to join us on the second Sunday of each month to cultivate Jinpa through engaged action.


    9:45-10:00:  Gather in community room, social time, snacks available

    10:00-11:30:  Solidarity Sit: Guided shamatha and tonglen practice 

    11:30:  Shambhala Day Celebration!

    Location: Seattle Shambhala Center, 3107 E Harrison St, Seattle.

    Questions? Reach out to [email protected]