Community Gardening Day

September 15th

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    As we transition from summer to autumn we’ll be gathering once a month, for the next three months, to take care of our garden’s seasonal needs. The first Community Gardening Day will take place Sunday, September 15th starting at 1 PM. The more the merrier! Taking care of our space is a big job but with many hands pitching in it is easy, fun and enjoyable. 

    Our garden volunteer team and friends will be gathering after the open meditation to provide our grounds with tender loving care. This month we’ll continue to work on cutting back perennials, pruning plants, and mulching garden beds. We’ll also continue tackling one of our long-term projects, pulling and unwinding bindweed, an invasive plant that is present in parts of our garden. This project will need ongoing volunteer support over the next few months. If you’re interested in helping on a continual basis please join us on September 15th or email Claire Oravec at [email protected]

    All of this important work contributes to the windhorse of our precious practice container and is so important in supporting our community. We hope you’ll join us!


    1:00 PM - 4:00 PM    Join the work party!