Special Preview Showing of "The Boys Who Said NO!"

September 21st

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    You're invited to a showing of the fine cut of The Boys Who Said NO!, a nearly-completed documentary whose producer is Bill Prince, a former Seattle sangha member. It tells the little-known story of draft resisters in the Vietnam War, who put their own freedom  and futures at risk to oppose our government when it was in the wrong. 

    These young people found their ideals of patriotism challenged by the brutality and injustice of the war. All young men were subject to being drafted into military service, but resisters responded by openly refusing draft orders despite the risk of up to five years in prison. They were inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, a mass movement whose members took great risks to challenge segregation and discrimination.  

    Resisters hoped to bring attention to the true nature of the war, and to rouse so many of their fellow citizens to oppose it, and to refuse to fight in it, that the war would have to be brought to an end. Some were arrested and imprisoned, but eventually millions of Americans joined antiwar protests, and the troops were brought home.

    For the first time in American history, a citizens’ movement forced our government to end a war.

    In a time when many believe that one person cannot make a difference, BOYS! shows a time when citizens rose up despite the risk to bring our country closer to its true values.

    Bill Prince, film producer and longtime friend of our Sangha, will be at the showing!! After the show we will have time for discussion and Q&A with Bill in the meditation hall, followed by snacks and beverages in the community room.

    Admission is free. All donations accepted will be used towards the finished film. 

    Location: Seattle Shambhala Center, 3107 E Harrison Street, Seattle, WA

    Questions? Contact Sydney Munger at [email protected]