Child Care: Toddler Room

February 17th

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Winter Update: Due to staff shortage, child care for children younger than 7 is limited to the toddler and baby room, which is open nearly every Sunday (check the calendar for schedule). This room is supervised by parents: you. Parents who are interested in forming a parent cooperative to plan and support care and programming for the younger children please contact Robin at [email protected] Planning will begin in mid January 2019. If you have a child between toddler age and 7, and would like them to participate in Shambhala Child Care, please contact us right away. The Bodhi Group, for children between 7 and 12 years of age, is open. Children of all ages are warmly welcomed in the shrine room. Thank you & wishing you a cheerful season!

Shambhala Child Care -Temporary Closure (see Winter Update above)

Shambhala Child Care runs concurrently with Sunday Morning Meditation and Discussion from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM. A donation of $10 ($5 for each additional child) is helpful and very appreciated, but not required.

CALENDAR: Please check here for updates to the Child Care schedule

The Children’s Regular Sunday Schedule

10:00 – opening, saying hello, finding how I feel today

10:30 – meditation, mindfulness practice

10:30-11:00 – A Kingdom of Kindness and Confidence: children explore Shambhala principles through story, discussion, art, movement and sharing; children may break into age groups depending on activity and staffing

11:00-11:30 Tea snack

11:30-12:15 ongoing project & outdoor time

12:30 – closing ritual, coming together before leaving

There are no age restrictions but we do ask that you contact us in advance if your child is new to Shambhala Child Care, is 3 years or younger, or has special needs.

Parents are requested to participate in child care when their children are 2 years or younger. Children 12 years or older, young adults, and elderly family members who enjoy being with children are encouraged to participate or volunteer with the child care team.

The purpose of the child care is to support families in their practice by embracing their children’s presence at the Shambhala Center. The child care provides children a place of belonging in a spiritual community and supports family meditation practice.

During their time together, children engage in stories and activities with Shambhala Buddhist themes to explore and cultivate a children's community, awareness, language, and motorskills. Kindness, cooperation, caring, respect, and responsibility are all values of the child care. We emphasize working together, caring for the Shambhala Center, discovery, and celebrating the natural world.  Play, art, science, ritual, celebration of the seasons, gardening, and meditation are some of the common activities of the child care.

Outdoor activities are an important part of experiencing the world through the senses and developing mindfulness, so please ensure children are prepared with rain boots, clothes that can get muddy, appropriate outerwear for rain, snow, sun, etc., and maybe even an extra set of pants.

Shambhala Daycare child care team is led by Robin Willett with the invaluable help and care of parent volunteers.  Please contact Robin with any questions or comments at [email protected]

Bodhi School is offered at least once a month for children ages 8 to 12 and culminates in a Children's Rites of Passage ceremony. Children attending Bodhi School are welcome in the child care. To find out more, see the current Bodhi School Winter Session.

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