Warriorship in Action: Service as Path (Staff Training Day)

April 22nd (2017)

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    First this is an opportunity to benefit others so that they may learn to meditate. Without volunteers, our programs could not happen. A volunteer staff has made every class you’ve taken or open house you’ve attended happen. While not everyone has the time or desire to staff, it is one of the many ways we can support our community.

    When staffing programs, we ask that people staff only programs that they have taken previously so that they are familiar with the format and needs of the class. The benefit of this to deepening your practice is that as a staff person, you get to hear the talks and participate in some of the class exercises and sitting as time permits. We continually hear from staffers that each time they hear the material, it’s like learning it all over again since it’s from a different teacher and they are in a different place in their own life and practice.

    And perhaps most importantly is that many find when staffing they are truly able to bring the teachings of Shambhala into their lives, particularly in stressful situations at work or home. By having to accomplish tasks and work side by side with other meditators in the center or satellites, the teachings can be practiced in a safe and immediate way.

    Interested in learning more about this path of deepening, dedication, and delight? Please join us for a day of discussion, review, questions, and more.

    The day will feature a talk and contemplation on the role of service as path, and session(s) on various program roles including water service, shrine keeping, umdze, registration and audio. You will be able to choose which topics to practice if you have a particular interest. AND we will enjoy a lunch together!!

    We are looking for volunteers in all of the programs, weekend and weekday, as well as the open houses. There is no fee; however, we encourage you to register online, below, so that we know how many participants to plan for.

    Prerequisites: none

    Location: Seattle Shambhala Center,3107 E Harrison St, Seattle.

    Questions? Contact Jill Avey ([email protected])