Way of Shambhala Level II: Birth of the Warrior

with Dan Peterson & Marcia Oberg

January 4th—January 6th (2013)

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The Way of Shambhala is a series of classes designed to awaken us to the potential of our lives. It teaches us to live meaningfully with joy; to deepen our intelligence and compassion, and to learn to unify the practical and the profound. Daily life becomes an opportunity to further cultivate these qualities.

In Level II: Birth of the Warrior:  Building on the meditation practice learned in Level I and having had a taste of basic goodness, we now examine the habitual tendencies and defense mechanisms which we use to mask our fear.

Prerequisites: Level I

The Way of Shambhala I is our core practice and education program. It includes five Shambhala Training weekend programs (Levels I through V), and five companion 5-week classes (Meditation in Everyday Life through Wisdom in Everyday Life). You are encouraged to do both together, but it is possible to do just the weekends in order, or just the classes in order. To proceed beyond WoS I, all weekends and week night classes are required.

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