Meli_TashiYour Vocation and/or Hobbies: Pilates teacher.

Years Meditation: 7

How has meditation been of benefit to you? My mind is more clear and easy going.

How has Seattle Shambhala been of benefit to you? Shambhala is a benefit to my life on many fronts. I started coming for open sit, then weekend and evening programs and Open House. My older child goes to Bodhi School, my younger is just ready for child care. I appreciate the enriching family programs.

What’s your favorite activity, open house night, holiday or other center program? and why? We deeply enjoy Winter Solstice and the focus on children, the play is always enjoyable. I like attending Weekthun, as the week in sitting practice is deeply beneficial to me.

What was your first experience at Shambhala like? The first time I came I did so with a friend because I was too shy to come on my own. We took meditation instruction with other new folks and I immediately appreciated how supportive Shambhala is because the leader really answered everyone’s question well and didn’t hurry anyone. We joined the main group for the rest of our practice time, and then afterwards there was a really interesting discussion that sparked my curiosity about Shambhala.