Debi C.

Debi_CrawfordYour Vocation and/or Hobbies: RN/ Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Artist – watercolor, printmaking and jewelry

Years Meditation: 5

How has meditation been of benefit to you? Meditation is of benefit in negotiating the ups and downs of everyday life. It has been of particular benefit in my work, helping me to provide compassionate care to my patients.

How has Seattle Shambhala been of benefit to you? Seattle Shambhala has provided a place to practice with other like minded individuals and also provides educational opportunities in dharma teachings. Seattle Shambhala has also given me a place to give back to the sangha and newcomers.

What’s your favorite activity, open house night, holiday or other center program? and why? I love weekend retreats because it’s an opportunity to come together to practice uninterrupted and progress along the path through the teachings. Also, leading the West Seattle satellite group every week and meeting new participants is very rewarding.

What was your first experience at Shambhala like? I had so much gratitude and joy to be able to attend a weekend and learn about meditation and Buddhism. I felt like I had come home.