Neighborhood Delegs Overcome Social Isolation

by Andrea D’Asaro Despite the short-term shuttering of our center, members are gathering for happy hours, meditation groups, and salons, along with helping each other with grocery and pharmacy deliveries. No, Shambhalians aren’t breaking social distancing guidelines, they are congregating online in community delegs, or subgroups among members. “Our center has nine delegs from Port … Continue 

Parenting as Path

by Larry Steele Shastri Iris Ramos tells a story about a hot Texas afternoon when her grandchildren were playing outside in the yard. It might have been fun to play in the street, but Abuela (Grandmother) Iris closed the gate and shut them in. Her granddaughter objected.  Striking her most authoritative pose, with one hand … Continue 

The Ground of Generosity

by Shastri Matthew Lyon In these writings, I am interested in opening an inquiry about the many facets of generosity. I have found it to be a complex subject offering a wealth of themes to explore. Why does this virtue bring peace and fulfillment? What is the right balance between caring for oneself properly and … Continue 

Parenting as Path: Balancing & Being Brave

Parenting as Path: Balancing & Being Brave, with Acharya Jenny Warwick, recording, April 2014, Seattle Shambhala Center. By Robin Willett Sending gratitude and greetings from the Families and Children program at the Seattle Shambhala Center. As the days grow shorter, we offer you three uplifting videos of the Parenting as Path: Balancing and Being Brave … Continue 

Giving Back

by Robin Willett Gabe Jones washed, sanded, and repainted the umdze platform. You might have noticed its beautiful blue during the Tea Ceremony at this year’s Harvest of Peace or while you were sitting on any Sunday since then. Repainting the platform is the first of Gabe’s projects to give back to those who gave … Continue 

Children’s Day is Every Day

by Larry Steele Iliana the warrior-girl was afraid. Days had turned dark and everyone feared the sun would never return. But Iliana vowed to find the sun and bring it back to her family and community. Seattle Shambhala children will dress up in warrior crowns and tiger stripes to perform The Iliana Story during Children’s … Continue 

Children’s Day Lights the Season

By Ben Black — The magic of family, community, song, and light were as powerful as ever during Childrens Day 2015 at the Seattle Shambhala center. As the children’s procession entered the candle-lit shrine room, Debbie Newell and Dave Tallent sang “Finlandia.” The celebration included a children’s Ikebana session led by Shelley Pierce, a Jingle … Continue 

A Dharma Library for Mexico City

By Fred Meyer (from the Ziji Collective Facebook page) — When I look back at my year, I’m immediately and deeply thankful for the Ziji Summit in Mexico. More than anything else this year, the Summit changed my life. The Summit took shape because of the incredible hospitality and warmth of the Mexico City Shambhala Center … Continue 

A Family Feast – Pickle in a Cup

It looked a lot like an enlightened family kitchen at home getting ready for a big holiday. The Children’s and Parents’ Lunch at Seattle Shambhala brought six families together in cooking up a healthy feast of grapes, apples, oranges, and bananas for a giant fruit salad, frittata, taco salad, and homemade blueberry lemonade…you get the … Continue 

Family Camp 2015: Building Family Bridges

by Barbara Everdene — The wind shifted, and Seattle Shambhala’s 2015 Family Camp materialized in a circle of birch trees near the town of Snohomish in mid-August. A blue canopy with cushions and many colorful rugs created a magical meeting spot for twenty-five parents and children. I have attended the Vancouver (Canada) Shambhala Centre for … Continue