Sampling the Self

by Janine Bloomfield In these times of Zoom meditation gatherings, I am reminded of in-person teaching and want to share one such moment from past times when we were together. I’m looking forward to being together again and feeling the warmth and support of in-person learning, practicing, and connection. The small meditation room at the Seattle Shambhala … Continue 

Seattle Shambhala Teachers On Connecting During Pandemic Times

Matthew Lyon As the pandemic continues to frame our daily lives and our decisions, our meditation practice can be especially powerful. When we sit down to practice, we are asserting the prominence of the inner path in our lives. The inner path of mindfulness and awareness is not an escape from external stresses and fears. … Continue 

Generosity Column: Inspiration

by Matthew Lyon To be alive at this very moment is a divine gift. We could express our gratitude in this way at any time, but it is especially meaningful in a time when impermanence and uncertainty surround us. In describing the benefits of meditation, Chogyam Trungpa once said that it trains us to relate … Continue 

Pema Chödrön with Advice on Wholehearted Living during a Global Pandemic

By Andrea D’Asaro After a 45-minute wait, thousands of Pema Chödrön fans finally saw her face through a FaceTime patch into Zoom on Sunday, May 17, as part of one of Shambhala Online’s weekly Sunday Gatherings, this time a question and answer event. Pema encouraged her online support team to keep trying, despite connection difficulties: … Continue 

Courage and Generosity

by Matthew Lyon In these anxious times, it is natural to slip into a cycle of hope and fear. We have fear of contracting the virus, and yet hope we won’t. Fear that society and economies will fall apart, and hope for a cure or effective treatments to bring stability. Fear of the dysfunction of … Continue 

Generosity in Fearful Times

By Matthew Lyon In these challenging times in the world, fear and uncertainty abound. We face multiple sources of anxiety as our personal health, the well being of society, and our financial stability are all threatened. Emotions are raw and at times turbulent. Today I was in line at a bank drive-in window, and the … Continue 

The Generous Earth

by Matthew Lyon As the warmth of spring begins to dawn, this is a perfect time to pause and contemplate the abundance of the world around us. In our busy, often stressful daily lives, we are sometimes focused on abundance in terms of the tasks we have to accomplish and the number of responsibilities we … Continue 

Power, Privilege, and Protect: A Reflection

by Kaitlyn Hatch On December 13th, 2019, Dr. Shanté Paradigm Smalls flew from New York City to join Dr. Claudelle Glasgow in co-teaching two offerings for the weekend. Privilege, Power & Protection was held the evening of December 13th and all day on the 14th. Open to participants of all identities and embodiments, this was a … Continue 

Tales of Gesar at Thursday Open House

By Larry Steele Seattle Shambhala welcomes David Shapiro, author of “Gesar of Ling: A Bardic Tale, as a visiting speaker at Thursday Night Open House on January 16th, 2020. The book translates the epic tale of Gesar, whose magic is palpable in Shambhala culture; it was recently reviewed in the Chronicles of Chogyam Trungpa. The … Continue 

Kindness to Ourselves

By Matthew Lyon We live in a stressful world in many ways. The demands of our families, our jobs and the complexities of modern life can seem extreme at times. In response to this, we often develop a pattern of pushing ourselves to our limits to accomplish as much as possible in a short time … Continue