Seattle Shambhala Updated COVID policy

While COVID-19 and other serious respiratory illnesses are still widely circulating, Public Health of Seattle-King County has listed the local community impact for COVID at the “Low” level for many months now. Following the recommendations of the Washington Department of Health and the federal Centers for Disease Control, the Seattle Shambhala Board of Directors has … Continue 

The Garden Fountain: A New Beginning

by Janine Bloomfield As spring moves into summer, we are finally beginning the process of coming together again as a community, after a more than two year ‘winter’ due to the pandemic. In preparation for the re-opening of the Seattle center, members came in during the spring to clean and refresh the shrine rooms, meeting … Continue 

Sampling the Self

by Janine Bloomfield In these times of Zoom meditation gatherings, I am reminded of in-person teaching and want to share one such moment from past times when we were together. I’m looking forward to being together again and feeling the warmth and support of in-person learning, practicing, and connection. The small meditation room at the Seattle Shambhala … Continue 

Contemplative Creativity Lab is Here!

By  Ladan Yalzadeh (Seattle Shambhala Center)  and  Anne Saitzyk (Los Angeles Shambhala Center) If we open our eyes, our minds and our hearts, we will find that this world is a magical place.  – Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche  Inspired by the Dharma Art teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and led by the global community of Shambhala … Continue 

New Board Members Share Expansive Views

By Larry Steele An expansive vision of benefit beyond self shines through each member of Seattle Shambhala’s Board of Directors, like light reflecting from the facets of a wish-fulfilling jewel. Each officer of the seven-member Board, which was first seated on Shambhala Day 2020, brings unique strengths, life experiences, and a deep commitment to the … Continue 

Windhorse Retreat Center is Open

by Larry Steele Beyond the Tibetan-style gateway, nestled among hundreds of trees and echoing with birdsong, sit the three small cabins of Windhorse Retreat Center. Over the past 9 years, a steady stream of meditators have taken the ferry to Whidbey Island, loosened their ties to the everyday world, and settled into the cabins for … Continue 

Meeting a Monk in Myanmar

By Laura Kaye Chamberlain Earlier this year, sangha member Laura Chamberlain moved across the world to Myanmar, where she currently works and lives. She shared some of her experiences and thoughts on Buddhism and her Path with us in this article. My first Sunday in Myanmar, I talked with a monk. (I must say, this … Continue 

Neighborhood Delegs Overcome Social Isolation

by Andrea D’Asaro Despite the short-term shuttering of our center, members are gathering for happy hours, meditation groups, and salons, along with helping each other with grocery and pharmacy deliveries. No, Shambhalians aren’t breaking social distancing guidelines, they are congregating online in community delegs, or subgroups among members. “Our center has nine delegs from Port … Continue 

Coronavirus Reflections from West Africa

by Sala Sweet Sweet, a long-time Seattle Shambhala member,  was in Ghana, West Africa, when COVID-19 first hit our communities in Washington. She was there to help fight malaria, a disease that already takes 400,000 Ghanian lives each year. Sweet faces unique challenges as she works with doctors, health clinics, and volunteers as part of … Continue 

A Great Gathering of the Sangha

By Larry Steele Shambhala Day may have been our last face-to-face community gathering before COVID-19 changed our lives. Nevertheless, as it is every year, the day marked a great gathering of the Seattle sangha of Shambhalians. The video broadcast from Karmê Chöling linked Seattle with Shambhala centers around the world, in North and South America, … Continue