Downtown Emergency Services Center recognizes Awake in Action

by Larry Steele Seattle Shambhala’s Awake in Action volunteers are basically good. In fact, they are the best. Ask anyone at the Downtown Emergency Services Center, which recently named Awake in Action as its 2018 Volunteer Group of the Year. Coordinator Sandra Noel and some of her team members accepted the award during a gala Breakfast … Continue 

Aspiring towards Right Livlihood

By Andrea D’Asaro As a stormwater engineer, Anisha Prasad assures that roads and buildings stay clear during heavy rains, and that new development allows fish and wildlife to survive.  “A vague feeling” encouraged Prasad to switch careers to Environmental Engineering. “Even though I had degrees in both Engineering and Computer Science, I chose Environmental Engineering, … Continue 

Our inner path through crisis

Matthew Lyon has been a Shastri, or senior teacher, in Shambhala for nine years and has held various responsibilities in the organization for 42 years, including serving as center director in Seattle and Burlington.Vermont.  Recently, he talked with Larry Steele about how to practice in a time of crisis, and how to hold Shambhala teachings … Continue 

Working together to eradicate malaria

By Sala Sweet Community member Sala Sweet’s experiences in Ghana over many years have inspired her to connect to assistance groups in the Pacific Northwest working to eradicate Malaria. Malaria affects everyone in Ghana.  Children contract it at young ages and sometimes die from it.  Once you have malaria, it can return again and again. This … Continue 

Ballard Satellite Bows Out

by Alan Ness The Ballard Satellite, Seattle Shambhala’s first neighborhood-based meeting place, held its last session on August 28. The Ballard group inspired a constellation of other satellites that continue to bring meditation practice closer to people’s homes. As we know, everything changes. Often a vibrant group, Ballard eventually had a steady decrease in attendance, … Continue 

Fun and Belonging at Enlightened Society Assembly in Austin, TX

By Aarush and Aarnav Uli, ages 7 and 11 This year my brother and I attended the Enlightened Children’s Program (ECP) at the Austin Shambala Center, led by Shastri Iris Ramos, with volunteers Christian Mitchell, Davis Maynard, and Miya Little. A fun part of the program was when we did the slip and slide and splash … Continue 

The Wealth of Generosity

By Shastri Matthew Lyon Generosity is directly related to a feeling of abundance and confidence in our lives. On an inner level, in meditation practice, we rest the mind in the ground of basic goodness, the primordial confidence in our heart, our true nature. We can notice that when fear arises, this feeling of wholeness … Continue 

Hiking group takes wide view

by Anisha Prasad When confusion and speed arise, the Seattle Shambhala hiking group hits the trail. This summer we hiked the beautiful Harvey Manning trail, a good five-mile walk in the Issaquah Alps and just minutes from the city. It was a glorious hike. We took turns leading the way, sharing some reflections about our … Continue 

Membership Reflections

People who celebrated Midsummer’s Day at Seattle Shambhala told us about why they open the gate to the great eastern sun by visiting the center. Anyone willing to share their thoughts wrote them on pre-printed cards. They snapped polaroid photos and attached them to the cards. Why do you come to the Shambhala Center? “Meditating … Continue 

From Complexity and Confusion Emerges Enlightened Design

by Andrea D’Asaro The design process — turning an idea in reality — is an example of mindfulness-awareness, says Alan Ness, a long-time member of our sangha and a residential design architect. He’s been designing and remodeling homes for 30 years — his way of expressing the wisdom of Shambhala. “Right Livelihood is going beyond … Continue