Retirements and Farewells

As we enter the Year of the Earth Boar, we will celebrate the journeys of three wonderful members of our community who have offered their time, energy, and compassion to all of us at the Seattle Shambhala Center. At our Shambhala Day celebration, we will be present for Shastri Matthew Lyon and Director Michael Busby … Continue 

An update on the Center Director search

From the Search Committee and Governing Council The Search Committee* for the new Center Director is in full swing. According to chairperson Keith Hitchcock, the committee has met twice and anticipates applications for Center Director to open within the next week. At that time, all members will receive an email including the job description and … Continue 

Looking Back with Thanks – Children’s Day

by Robin Willett The story of brave Iliana arose anew in the Seattle shrine room on an earlier than usual Children’s Day in December. Many came to welcome the winter season and to celebrate our children in the warmth of community. Together we enjoyed good food and conversation, lively and soulful music played all evening … Continue 

Uncovering the Mystery of KI and SO

Definitions of KI and SO were crafted with advisement from Ben Hines “The Shambhala warrior’s cry. Chanting this cry is a way to rouse your head and shoulders, a way to rouse a sense of uplifted dignity. It is also a way to invoke the power of windhorse and the energy of basic goodness. We … Continue 

Making a Leap

by  Shastri Matthew Lyon The practice of generosity can be paradoxical. In Buddhist wisdom, the highest form of this virtue is said to be free of self-interest. When we give freely without expecting anything in return we are manifesting beautiful kindness. Yet the teachings also tell us that when we are generous in this way, … Continue 

Social Restoration & the Dharma

By Kaitlyn Hatch This past autumn I was given the wonderful opportunity to lead three separate classes exploring the practices of bodhichitta, maitri/metta, and tonglen, and how they relate to the work of social restoration. Called ‘Power, Privilege & Difference’, the format for these classes was experimental, co-developed with my dear friend, John Tsungme Guy, … Continue 

Parenting as Path: Balancing & Being Brave

Parenting as Path: Balancing & Being Brave, with Acharya Jenny Warwick, recording, April 2014, Seattle Shambhala Center. By Robin Willett Sending gratitude and greetings from the Families and Children program at the Seattle Shambhala Center. As the days grow shorter, we offer you three uplifting videos of the Parenting as Path: Balancing and Being Brave … Continue 

Salon: How to skillfully communicate while holding opposing views

by Terry Jaworski Some of our gracious Shambhalians will open their homes in November and December for a conversational Salon. The Salons will give us an opportunity to discuss communication and how we can hold opposing views and still listen and honor each person’s perspective. One Salon will be scheduled in each of our four … Continue 

Giving Back

by Robin Willett Gabe Jones washed, sanded, and repainted the umdze platform. You might have noticed its beautiful blue during the Tea Ceremony at this year’s Harvest of Peace or while you were sitting on any Sunday since then. Repainting the platform is the first of Gabe’s projects to give back to those who gave … Continue 

Downtown Emergency Services Center recognizes Awake in Action

by Larry Steele Seattle Shambhala’s Awake in Action volunteers are basically good. In fact, they are the best. Ask anyone at the Downtown Emergency Services Center, which recently named Awake in Action as its 2018 Volunteer Group of the Year. Coordinator Sandra Noel and some of her team members accepted the award during a gala Breakfast … Continue