People of Color Meditation Group

by Nina Nabizadeh How can we move away from the dominating structure of whiteness as the way to liberation? That’s the continual question we ask at People of Colour Meditation group. Started in 2017, our current goal is is to grow the group and nurture it since it is one of the newer affinity groups … Continue 

Reflections from Magnetizing Enlightened Society

by Larry Steele Sunlight pours through the windows and lights the bamboo floor of Seattle Shambhala Center shrine room. Green leaves shimmer with life outside. And, of course, it is raining. Thirty-five straight-backed meditators breathe out, flowing with Shastri Trinley Busby’s guided meditation. “Feel your emotion in your belly,” she says. “Is it confidence, inspiration, … Continue 

Imagery from Beautiful Trip to Dash Point

by Anisha Prasad I felt energized as I took in a sip of the crisp winter air and looked up at the grey skies. What a delight to follow children gaily skipping along a forested trail during the December overnight outing of the Shambhala Families, Parents, and Children’s Group. The pathway was at Dash Point … Continue 

Magnetizing Enlightened Society

by Michael Busby This month at our center, we welcome Deputy Minister Cynthia MacKay to give teachings on leadership from the Shambhala Pillar of Government. Deputy Minister MacKay is a true delight to learn from and I’m excited that she will be offering a program that is open to everyone: Magnetizing Enlightened Society. As human … Continue 

Reflections on Children’s Day

by Anisha Prasad December 17th was a glorious day at Seattle Shambhala, and began with the Shambhala Sadhana lead by Alan Ness at crisp 8:30 am. Entering the shrine room that morning, I could feel the uplifting and inspiring effect the beautiful lights, greenery and colors had on the Sunday morning crowd. I must say, … Continue 

Dorje Kasung: Protecting the Space

by Larry Steele John Gilvar, commander of Seattle Shambhala’s Dorje Kasung, recently was telling me about the Container Principle. It’s the Buddhist idea that people meditating together naturally create a zone of heightened awareness…a container. As he talked, Gilvar’s container was a rain-swept highway in western Washington. He was driving with his son Ben in … Continue 

Children’s Day is Every Day

by Larry Steele Iliana the warrior-girl was afraid. Days had turned dark and everyone feared the sun would never return. But Iliana vowed to find the sun and bring it back to her family and community. Seattle Shambhala children will dress up in warrior crowns and tiger stripes to perform The Iliana Story during Children’s … Continue 

Awake in Action Embodies Social Engagement

by Andrea D’Asaro “I’ve come to serve residents at the Union Hotel each month for seven years, feeling the weight of current events and the difficulties we all face but by the time our work is over, my heart is full and my steps are lighter,” says Sandra Noel, Awake in Action Coordinator and Shambhala … Continue 

Quiet for a Week, Retreat with Shambhala

Photo: Karme Choling Retreat Center in Barnet VT This is the first in a series of three newsletter/blog posts about seven-day “weekthuns” and other meditative retreats. We will cover upcoming retreats, discuss why we go on retreat, and review some retreat centers in the Shambhala mandala. by Larry Steele Life gets pretty busy sometimes. Have … Continue 

Exploring Money, Mind and Meditation with Shambhala

How do we, as meditators, learn to balance a spiritual path with worldly achievement? Sometimes financial success can seem at odds with spirituality. Yet, the tradition of Shambhala teaches that through meditation practice we can have a fulfilling and prosperous life. Shastri Matthew Lyon, a Shambhala teacher and financial advisor, answers questions about his upcoming … Continue