Family Camp 2015: Building Family Bridges

by Barbara Everdene — The wind shifted, and Seattle Shambhala’s 2015 Family Camp materialized in a circle of birch trees near the town of Snohomish in mid-August. A blue canopy with cushions and many colorful rugs created a magical meeting spot for twenty-five parents and children. I have attended the Vancouver (Canada) Shambhala Centre for … Continue 

Child Care 2015

by Robin Willett — Shambhala Child Care is available most every Sunday, from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.  Child Care provides some open time for parents who would like to join the public meditation session on Sunday mornings. Beginning September 27, Bodhi School is offered one Sunday each month, for children 8 to 12 years old.  … Continue 

Seattle Offers Its Heart and Possessions

Center Director Tom Gaylord traveled to Chicago recently on an historic mission. He was carrying a letter to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. The signatures of each member of the Seattle Shambhala Governing Council decorated the bottom of the letter, which said, “In recognition of the 20th anniversary of your enthronement as the Sakyong of Shambhala, and … Continue 

Seattle Trains Shambhala Guides

Forty-five prospective Shambhala Guides completed the first phase of their training in May, creating a large new cohort of sangha members who soon will be ready to welcome people to their first experience of Shambhala. Acharya Emily Bower and Shastri Ben Hines led the Guide Training weekend, which was the largest regional event of its … Continue 

Generosity Policy Clarified

When someone is longing to study and practice the Dharma, we don’t want to close the gate because of money. The Governing Council recently re-emphasized this central feature of Shambhala culture. “Sometimes we have people living near us who have devoted their lives to supporting Shambhala and the dharma,” said Council member Greg Wolk. “If … Continue 

Children’s Day Lights Up Winter Solstice

The laughter of Seattle Shambhala children and their grownup friends floated up like an offering as we celebrated Children’s Day on December 21. Over the years, the Shambhala community has adopted a tradition of celebrating the changes of season. These special days of celebration are called nyida days – from nyima (“sun”) and dawa (“moon”). … Continue 


Here is a wonderful poem, a favorite of Deborah Jordan, who sits with the Shambhala Tacoma satellite group. ….. A Ritual To Read To Each Other by William Stafford If you don’t know the kind of person I am and I don’t know the kind of person you are a pattern that others made may … Continue 

Can We Talk?

by Larry Steele — What do you care about? Global warming? GMO foods? Hunger and poverty? Learning how to “do something” about the big questions that speak to us is an essential teaching on the Shambhala Buddhist path. An example of this energy was evident during the Harvest of Peace celebration at Seattle Shambhala. A … Continue 

The Essence of Wealth

Through the ages the most enlightened teachers used the lens of their own time to help people see true wisdom. Shastri Matthew Lyon is that type of teacher. An accomplished financial planner, he uses wealth — the dominant lens of our time — to teach the dharma. Matthew’s not-yet-published book, “The Essence of Wealth” is … Continue 

Harvesting Peace

By Karen Garrett de Luna — The Seattle Shambhala Center joyfully celebrated Harvest of Peace festivities on Sunday, September 21, 2014, a beautiful, sun-kissed Seattle day. Greg Wolk, director of culture and decorum and governing council member, opened the celebration with a lhasang. Later in the shrine room, the sangha expressed heartfelt gratitude to  individual … Continue