Inclusion Movement Fueled by Radical Compassion

by Andrea D’Asaro Groups throughout our Seattle community are engaging in challenging conversations and connections around diversity and implicit bias, with the goal of healing collectively through mindfulness and insight.  The book Radical Dharma is the touchstone of these efforts.  Lead author Rev Angel kyodo Williams, a friend of the Sakyong and frequent speaker at … Continue 

What is Suffering?

By Larry Steele It is said that the Buddha gave his first teachings at Deer Park, near what is now known as Varanasi, India. There, after years of searching and contemplation, he presented the four noble truths about suffering. This is known as the first turning of the wheel of dharma, the first lesson offered … Continue 

Join Sakyong Mipham’s Book and Retreat Tour: The Lost Art of Good Conversation

In a world of iPhones and connectivity to social media and email, we are all in constant connection with one another. Then why are so many people feeling burned out, distant from colleagues, and abandoned by family and friends? In this new book, The Lost Art of Good Conversation, from the bestselling author of Running … Continue 

Thursday Night Meditation Open House in Madison Valley

    Thursday Nights have been a long running tradition at the Shambhala Center of Seattle, providing a safe space for many to experience meditation and the Dharma for the first time- and as a gathering space for our community. We’re excited to announce a refreshing new take on Thursday nights starting in October. We … Continue 

20 Free Things To Do At Seattle Shambhala

by Larry Steele Marpa the Translator, who helped bring Buddhism to Tibet, always carried bags of gold to offer as gifts to his teachers in India. In fact giving money and other precious gifts for Dharma is very traditional and is also a practical way of helping the student succeed and the Dharma flourish. In … Continue 

The Latest From Town Hall: Membership Drive Emphasizes Generosity and Radical Inclusivity

“Generosity is self-existing openness, complete openness. You are no longer subject to cultivating your own scheme or project. And the best way to open yourself up is to make friends with yourself and with others.” – Dorje Dradul of Mukpo by Andrea D’Asaro The second Town Hall, on July 30th at the Seattle Shambhala Center … Continue 

Shambhala Art Explores the Question of Art and Beauty

By Andrea D’Asaro The classic question: “Is beauty inherently present in an object or is it solely in the eye of the beholder?” will be explored in an upcoming Shambhala Art Evening. “This question goes to the very nature of our experience of ourselves and our world,” says Seattle Shambhala art coordinator Shelley Pierce. The … Continue 

Learning to meditate

Beginning Meditation, Learn How with Shambhala

Training the mind through meditation is an important part of what we practice at Shambhala. Each week, many of us come together to sit at our Madison Valley location, as well as, our 7 satellites throughout the greater Seattle area. For those new to meditation, we offer three ways to get started. Free basic instruction … Continue 

New Shastri Brings a Feminine Perspective to Seattle

by Andrea D’Asaro Our new Shastri, Trinley Busby is relocating to Seattle from her home in Vancouver as our center’s first female Shastri. She brings a deep passion to open Shambhala to greater diversity including the power of the feminine. Her work in diversity includes 10 years of reaching out to marginalized populations in Vancouver’s … Continue 

At Shambhala, Two Sadhanas Lighten the Dark Age

by Andrea D’Asaro “This is the darkest hour of the dark ages,” wrote Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1968 in the introduction to the Sadhana of Mahamudra. The dark ages he is referring to is a period of roughly 500 years that humanity is seen by Buddhist scholars to be in the midst of now. Each … Continue