Andrea D.

Andrea_D'AsaroYour Vocation and/or Hobbies: I enjoy teaching mindfulness, skiing, meditating outdoor, kayaking and walking along the beach.

Years Meditation: 35

How has meditation been of benefit to you? Meditation has helped me overcome my anxiety and negative self image. Taking myself less seriously and letting go of disturbing thoughts have allowed me to enjoy job and personal challenges. Shambhala teachings, especially those of Pema Chodron, have allowed me to stay with disturbing emotions and make friends with myself.

How has Seattle Shambhala been of benefit to you? I’m new at Seattle Shambhala and in the area, although I first learned to meditate at the center in Bellingham, when I was a student there. I’m impressed with the range of course offerings and the enthusiasm of the volunteers and teachers.

What’s your favorite activity, open house night, holiday or other center program? and why? I love the kindness of the members and especially enjoy the Sunday open houses and children’s programs. I love the building and well-kept grounds.

What was your first experience at Shambhala like? My first shambhala training level was overwhelming. I cried much of the time with sadness that I had caused myself suffering for so many years. I strangely regretted that I couldn’t go back to that level of ignorance. Now, after many years, I still find Shambhala fresh and vast.