The Inner Path

by Matthew Lyon

The power of generosity is invoked as we establish a path of inner development in our life. This means that as we acquire skills in our external life, such as training for a job or learning to play an instrument, we are also attending to our state of mind and being.

In our modern world it is obvious that society places a lot of emphasis on physical health. Huge industries surround the worlds of physical fitness, sports, and healthy food. Yet relatively little energy is given to training and strengthening our mind.

When we practice meditation, we are developing a path of learning how to relate to our mind. We notice our state of being and awakening insight, intuition, natural confidence. As we train our mind to be more present and aware, we are gradually learning that our inner state can be the primary point of reference in our life.

Put another way, as we cultivate inner strength, we lessen the feeling that we are controlled by outer circumstances. Our sense of well being does not necessarily depend upon the fluctuations, the ups and downs of our life in the material world. We find that we can always touch into a natural state of wholeness, which helps us to navigate difficult situations.

Once I asked a Tibetan teacher what he noticed most about Western culture. He said that our western society is highly advanced in technology and in creating buildings, roads, planes, and all manner of material constructions. Yet we are relatively backward in training and understanding the mind. This lack in our perspective leads to rampant dissatisfaction.

What does this have to do with generosity?

As we discover that a true unconditional source of well being is natural present within us – like a deep well of fresh water that is just waiting to be tapped – we also learn about those qualities that enhance our inner strength.

Generosity is a natural expression of confidence and fearlessness which can flow effortlessly from a healthy state of mind. Just as lifting weights strengthens our muscles, generosity arising within us awakens the power of our inner path. It encourages us to find the true source of happiness – our ability to make a genuinely beneficial contribution to our world.

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