Salon: How to skillfully communicate while holding opposing views

by Terry Jaworski

Some of our gracious Shambhalians will open their homes in November and December for a conversational Salon. The Salons will give us an opportunity to discuss communication and how we can hold opposing views and still listen and honor each person’s perspective.

One Salon will be scheduled in each of our four delegs, or neighborhood groups between November 15 and December 15. Members can expect to receive an  email invitation in the next 2 weeks.


What’s a deleg? Delegs are subgroups (often neighborhood groups) within the Shambhala community. Our sangha has four delegs divided up by zip code. Being part of a deleg is an excellent way to get to know other practitioners on a more personal level and to foster a sense of community. Delegs can function as a means to socialize and as a way for sangha neighbors to provide support when someone needs it.

Where are the four delegs?

East Deleg:           Eastside, east of Lake Washington
North Deleg:        North of NE 85th St
South Deleg:        South of I-90
Central Deleg:     Between NE 85th and I-90

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