Giving Back

by Robin Willett

Gabe Jones washed, sanded, and repainted the umdze platform. You might have noticed its beautiful blue during the Tea Ceremony at this year’s Harvest of Peace or while you were sitting on any Sunday since then.

Repainting the platform is the first of Gabe’s projects to give back to those who gave generously and made it possible for him to have an “awesome with goosebumps” experience at Sun Camp where he lived in “super hot, super cold, then super hot, and lots of storms -I don’t usually get to see that a lot in Seattle.”

Last Sunday during Bodhi Group, Gabe ran his fingers along the edge of the long, low, well-used table (puja table), and said, “I’m going to paint this next. It will be hard. This piece of wood is broken.” To everyone’s good fortune, Tom Gaylord has offered to help Gabe repair and refresh the puja tables.

A warm thank you to Gabe for uplifting our center, and to the donors who helped send him to Sun Camp this summer!















One thought on “Giving Back

  1. Thank you dear Gabe! I very much enjoy the blue umbdze space everytime I sit in the shrine room. I’m very happy you went to Sun camp. Well done!

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