Membership Reflections

People who celebrated Midsummer’s Day at Seattle Shambhala told us about why they open the gate to the great eastern sun by visiting the center. Anyone willing to share their thoughts wrote them on pre-printed cards. They snapped polaroid photos and attached them to the cards.

Why do you come to the Shambhala Center?

“Meditating together is so powerful!”

“I believe it’s a safe place to come and work with my mind.”

“I always feel inspired and embraced by the energy of this community.”

“Discussions = spontaneous wisdom arising all around!

“To meet new people and see old friends.”

“Offering what I can so that finances are never a barrier to anyone having access to the dharma.”

“The cookies!”





































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  1. Good Morning! I would like to reprint this as an article for the Shambhala Times. Please let me know if that would be a concern for you.
    Many thanks

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