Reflections on Children’s Day

by Anisha Prasad

December 17th was a glorious day at Seattle Shambhala, and began with the Shambhala Sadhana lead by Alan Ness at crisp 8:30 am. Entering the shrine room that morning, I could feel the uplifting and inspiring effect the beautiful lights, greenery and colors had on the Sunday morning crowd. I must say, it felt special. I felt I was in a special and celebratory place. And it was Children’s Day! There was excitement in the air. Shelley Pierce and Kat Larsson shined that day leading Ikebana for the youngsters. Children appreciated the flowers and the space greatly.

Children had so much fun participating in the Iliana play, which didn’t look like much effort at all and was very playfully presented. The King and Queen, four dignities, and the narrator shone brightly. Luna Ozretich carried the day as Iliana. I would be remiss if I did not mention the Presentation of the Colors by my favourite teacher, Dan Peterson, joined by David Tallent, together with Mary’s Bolton’s sharp cues. (My boys play color march at home with broomsticks now, so you can tell the ritual celebration was very well received and enjoyed by our family!)

The potluck was tasty and colorful, including warm company and conversation all around with whiskey and wine. We were happy parents and happy children that night. Seattle Shambhala Center glowed brightly like a jewel, radiating peace and possibilities on an otherwise dark winter solstice night.

Big hug and kisses. Love to all the volunteers.

Anisha Prasad and Shashi Uli are parents of Aarush and Aarnav and members of the Shambhala Center. Their family was recently joined by a new puppy named Rigden Avalanche.

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