Director’s Notes: Visioning Additional Space

Gate to Seattle Shambhala

Everyone in Shambhala Seattle is invited to a community meeting at the center, 2:00 pm, Sunday, March 9, to consider the possibility of opening an additional meditation space.

The Seattle Shambhala Center is bursting at the seams. Our shrine rooms are crowded. Multiple events compete for space on the same day. Our practice and community are attracting a lot of interest. It’s great!

We have talked for years about opening an additional space, but our discussions never have reached fruition. Now, it may be time for Seattle Shambhala to blossom.

A leadership group met this winter to clarify our goals for a rented space where we could serve more people. We documented our aspirations in a statement that everyone is invited to read (click here). More recently, Joann Schindler and Adam Feuer led another group to clarify how we can move forward as a community in an inclusive and invigorated way. At that meeting a list of qualities was developed, qualities we hope to feel as the process unfolds. They included: openness, generosity, abundance, bravery, and magic (click here for the full list). The participants then formed three teams: community involvement, fundraising, and a real-estate search team.

On Sunday, March 9, we will continue this vital process with a facilitated community meeting. I hope you will come. Together we can engage in visioning a growing, and sustainable space for Seattle Shambhala.

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  1. Tom, I love this news update! I’m out of state so won’t be able to attend the meeting, but I’ll follow events. Nice cap, too 😉

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