June P.

June_pYour Vocation and/or Hobbies: I love experiencing life, exploring the world, and assisting people to grow and expand. In my day job as a User Experience Designer, I spend time designing the human touch, heart, and humanity into the way that technology interacts with humans – not the other way around.

Things I enjoy:

– Traveling to places where I can learn the daily rituals of other cultures.

– Meandering through art walks, parks, and beautiful architecture.

– Sharing conversations over delicious meals with interesting souls.

– Meditating sprawled out like a starfish.

– Writing about user experience and mindfulness

– Instigating social change.

– Reading about spirituality, philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience with no agenda.

– Facebook – I’m a connector, what can I say? 🙂

Years Meditation: 10

How has meditation been of benefit to you? I feel more connected to my whole inner world – all the parts that I deem good or bad, beautiful or ugly – they’re all there and I’m cool with all of it. Somehow being cool with all of it helps me show up more authentically and fully to others and in this world. Sounds cheesy. I know. But it’s true. 🙂

How has Seattle Shambhala been of benefit to you? About 5 years into my meditation practice, I realized that I needed the support of a sangha who shared a similar heart-centered and experiential approach and vision towards living mindfully in the modern world. Seattle Shambhala just felt like the right fit… And since then, I’ve found this pretty amazing support network where I feel safe and supported in developing more tenderness, kindness, and courage in a very real way.

What’s your favorite activity, open house night, holiday or other center program? and why? I really enjoy the classes, especially the Everyday in Life series – the weekly classes really help remind me why it’s important to have a regular practice.

I also really like that I can volunteer and give back to the center in different ways. Building the bike rack was a joyful experience, and I’m looking forward to what’s brewing with leading courses and discussions!

What was your first experience at Shambhala like? I’m so grateful to Mary. She was at the first Sunday open house that I attended. If she had not been there, I probably would’ve never come back. She was unabashedly herself – honest, straightforward, and at the same time very kind in her very Mary way. Her presence and energy immediately made me feel wholeheartedly accepted there. She handled some uncomfortable discussion moments with grace, and then asked for dish washing volunteers. I volunteered to do the dishes and the rest is history. I feel so grateful to Mary for showing up that day. And just being there with me.